2016: International Year of Pulses

FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, declared 2016 as the international year of pulses. This was made to support pulses’ proprieties and to raise public awareness on the role they could have on solving the world’s nutrition problems, encourage their consumption and boost their production and distribution.

“Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future”: pulses should never be forgotten for a healthy and balanced diet, since they are low in fats, gluten free and rich in iron, zinc and soluble fibers. Pulses are the main ingredient of a majority of the diets that aim to strengthen the organism, maintain the digestive system in good health and keep the cholesterol level under control. Their high nutritional value makes them the ultimate tool to fight both malnutrition and obesity. Pulses are also a precious source of amino acids and proteins, making up a valid alternative to animal proteins for people choosing a vegan or a vegetarian diet. Besides this, growing legumes brings advantages to the environment: they need little water, they require fewer fertilizers, they have a lower greenhouse impact and they develop the biodiversity and the health of the soil on which they grow.

On top of that, pulses are also excellent and frequently used in the kitchen! FAO, to promote the consumption of pulses, collected many international recipes proving how these simple legumes are appreciated all over the world: www.fao.org/pulses-2016/eng/

(Giacomo Schirò)


Pulses for every taste

Le Conserve della Nonna selection includes many legumes products, inspired by the traditional recipes of the whole peninsula.

Beans are available in different types: tondini beans, suited for many preparations, cannellini beans, typical of the Tuscan tradition’s recipes, then borlotti beans, which are usually used for soups but they are also very adaptable to original preparations, and at last the finest corona beans, perfect for salads and summery recipes. The supply also includes more elaborated offers, such as the flask-cooked beans, traditional recipe of the “poor” Tuscan cuisine, and the beans in rich tomato and sage sauce, tasty specialty from Lazio.

Peas and chickpeas

Among the pulses of Le Conserve della Nonna  we can also find chickpeas: extra-large chickpeas, which are present in local traditional recipes and are also perfect for whoever would like to test himself with foreign dishes, and Tuscan chickpeas, enhanced by bay leaves, rosemary, bacon and extra-virgin oil.

Finally we have the extra small petits pois, very versatile ingredient and particularly recommended to flavour sauces and second courses.

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