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Users’ privacy is a priority for Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico, a single-member company. This Privacy policy has been drawn up to inform the user about how Personal data are collected, used, shared, and stored.


Methods of collection and use of Personal data

“Personal data” means any information that, either individually or combined with other information collected, makes it possible to determine the identity of an individual. When other information – e.g. information that, considered individually, does not determine the identity of an individual – is combined with Personal data, such information is regarded as Personal data, too.


Account creation

When creating an account on the website www.nonsolobuono.it, the user is asked to provide Personal data, including their e-mail address and name. It is not necessary to provide the full name, unless the user wishes to do so. The account is accessed via an e-mail address and a password. The account is password-protected. Additional information – such as the position, sex, date of birth – can be added to the user’s profile. Pursuant to the applicable laws and depending on the choices that the user may take as described below, Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico can also use such data to send communications on products that are particularly interesting for the user.


Communications with Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico

When the user is in contact with the customer care operators by e-mail, telephone, on line or in person, some of their Personal data may be collected. Such data include, for instance, the name, home address, telephone number, e-mail address and contact preferences as well as information on the products purchased. Such information is used to provide assistance and product support to customers. Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico may access the user’s account in order to gather the necessary information to provide the required assistance. With a view to offering better customer service and in compliance with the applicable laws, Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico may also record and listen again to conversations with the customer care operators and analyse any feedback voluntarily provided by the user by means of surveys.

The company may use Personal data to contact the user, to transmit information on the account and the transactions with the company, as well as to provide important product details.


Other uses of Personal data by Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico may use Personal data also to perform internal statistics or for marketing or functional purposes, including the creation of sales reports and the assessment and examination of users’ demographics, interests, purchases and other customer-related trends.


Should the user take part in a lottery, contest or similar promotional activity, we may use the data provided to manage such promotion. In the event the promotion terms and conditions concerning the processing of the user’s Personal data are in conflict with this Privacy policy, the promotion terms and conditions shall prevail.


Entities with which Personal data are shared by Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico

Other group companies

In order to be able to offer our products, we might need to transfer the user’s Personal data to other companies. A list of such companies can be viewed by clicking on the following link. All Personal data transfers from the companies within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) or in Switzerland are performed in compliance with the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission. All group companies shall abide by the confidentiality procedures set forth in this Privacy policy.

Service providers

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico resorts to third-party service providers to have a better understanding of how the website is used. The third parties that presently provide such analyses and related services to the company are listed below:

Content or function providers

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico may share data with companies that provide content or functions (“content or function providers”) to Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico and to its customers in an anonymous and aggregate form so as to improve the quality of the content or functions provided by Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico or by the above mentioned content or function providers.

Other disclosures

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico can disclose the user’s Personal data to third parties if the user has given their consent according to the terms provided for by the applicable regulations.

Furthermore, pursuant to the applicable laws of the user’s jurisdiction, Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico can disclose the user’s Personal data to third parties in the event it deems it necessary or appropriate:

  • in compliance with the current legislation and provisions, including laws or regulations outside the user’s country of residence;
  • as provided for within a legal proceeding;
  • to fulfil any public authorities’ and law enforcement officers’ requests, including officers outside the user’s country of residence;
  • to fulfil terms, conditions or criteria;
  • to protect Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico’s operations or the operations of its affiliated companies;
  • to protect the rights, privacy, security or assets of Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico, its affiliated and associated companies, the user or other entities;
  • to enable Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico to implement any possible remedy or limit the damages it might incur.

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico can transfer data to an affiliated company or a third party also in the event of restructuring, merger, sale, joint venture, contribution, transfer or other operation, either complete or partial, involving business activities, resources or shares of Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico, including, without limitation, insolvency or similar proceedings.


Cookies and related technologies

The company, assisted by third-party analysis service providers, collects specific information during navigation in order to analyse how the user and other surfers interact with the website, gather aggregate statistical data on website use and response times, enable the identification of any server-related issues and manage the website. Such information includes the IP address, the geographic position, the browser type, the browser language, the request date and time, the duration of the navigation session, demographics, views and the page elements that have been selected (e.g. links). Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico may use cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs or other similar tools in the websites or e-mails to be able to collect and analyse the above information. Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico makes use of this information to provide optimised, more relevant content, to spot and solve any issues and improve the overall user experience on its website.

Should the user not wish that such information be collected by means of the above mentioned technologies, most browsers allow users to automatically refuse many of these technologies through a simple procedure or to choose whether to accept or refuse them. Additionally, if the user is in a jurisdiction where the consent for using cookies in the websites is required, they will be able to manage their cookie preferences within such websites. Nonetheless, some cookies are necessary for the website basic operation and cannot be deactivated.

Please find below some third-party providers of analysis and related services normally employed by Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico:

Data storage position

Personal data are collected and stored on servers physically located in the EU and managed by EU-based companies.


Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico takes reasonable security measures in order to protect the Personal data it controls against any loss, improper use, unauthorised access and unauthorised disclosure or modification. For more details on the security measures adopted by Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico or to report any security-related accident or deficiency please write to info@nonsolobuono.it

User’s choices on the receipt of marketing material

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico and its affiliated companies use Personal data to send marketing communications (including e-mails) on the products that match the user’s preferences. In order to stop receiving such marketing communications from Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico, please update your choices.

Children protection measures

In the event the company acknowledges that it has collected Personal data relating to users under the age of 18, it shall take all the necessary measures to erase such data as soon as practicable. In case of doubts on an user’s age, please contact Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico by writing an e-mail to info@nonsolobuono.it

Privacy policy updates

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy policy from time to time, in regard to the introduction of new products and applications, offer improvements and any technological development and change to the applicable laws. To learn when this Privacy policy was last updated, please refer to the date shown on “LAST UPDATED”, at the top of the page. Any amendments introduced shall be deemed as effective when the new version of the Privacy policy is posted on the website. If provided by the current legislation, we will obtain the consent to the update. In compliance with the applicable laws, the amendment notice will be sent by e-mail or published on the website.

Personal data retention

We shall retain the user’s Personal data for no longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this Privacy policy, unless the applicable regulations require that the retention period be further extended.

Methods of review, rectification, update, and erasure of Personal data by the user

Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico takes reasonable measures to ensure that the collected Personal data are accurate, complete and up-to-date. The user is entitled to request to access or update any incorrect or wrong Personal data as well as to have them erased, together with the account. Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico shall promptly reply to the user’s requests in compliance with the applicable laws. With a view to protecting users, we shall handle only the requests that are relevant with respect to the Personal data associated to the e-mail address used to send such requests. Furthermore, it might be necessary to verify the user’s identity before fulfilling the request. Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico may refuse to handle requests that might compromise other users’ privacy, or requests that cannot be fulfilled or that require an intervention that is not provided for by the current legislation. Additionally, to the extent allowed by the applicable laws, Gruppo Fini Spa a socio unico might be required to retain some Personal data for a longer period due to archiving reasons, e.g. to keep purchase records for warranty and accounting purposes.

To request access, rectification or erasure of Personal data, please write an e-mail to info@nonsolobuono.it

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